Vision & Mission

To create technologically superior and ethically strong global manpower, in the arena of Pharmacy Profession.

To impart high quality technical education and training that enable students to acquire in depth knowledge and expertise in the field of pharmaceutical science to cater the need of pharmacy profession and society at large.

Quality Policy
The creation of an encouraging environment for the promotion of quality culture at the institute and permanent investments into development and improvement of the educational process, scientific research work, supporting professional values and transfer of knowledge.

Quality Objective

  •  Upgradation of teaching facilities through addition of teaching aids and equipment.
  •  Continual improvement in the teaching methods and allied infrastructure.
  •  Upgradation of faculty through enhancement of their knowledge by attending the quality improvement programme, interaction with industry, through seminars, educational tours, visits, etc.
  •  To measure customer satisfaction level periodically through student feedback reports, student placements through campus interviews and overall success in university and all India competitive examinations.
  •  Monitoring quality management system to ensure earliest corrective action in the event of any non-conformity. The management is committed to these quality objectives and also ensures that they are known, understood and implemented by all members of the institute.
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